Since our start in the 2016 season, FRC Team 6181 has grown steadily each year. In 2016, our coaches, Jim Drewes and Mike Tisovic, decided to start an FRC team for local high school students at Northwest State Community College, to encourage students to learn more about STEM careers and learn critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Our team aims to encourage students in our four county area to discover STEM and to develop technical skills in high school students to prepare them for the future.

During our rookie season, we took a team of 7 members to the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio to compete in FIRST® Stronghold. Our team maintained its size the following season, for FIRST® SteamWorks, where we took 7 members to the Buckeye Regional Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. In our third season, our team grew to a size of 11 members and competed in FIRST® PowerUp.

In our 2019 season, Destination: Deep Space, our team expanded to over 13 members from 10 school districts across Northwest Ohio. We continue to recruit more students with outreach programs for Elementary and Junior High students.

Our team is the hub of extra-curricular STEM based education in our four county area. Our team has helped to establish 3 FIRST® Lego League teams and 2 Junior FIRST® Lego League teams. Additionally, we mentor and support our local FIRST® Lego League teams and volunteer at FLL tournaments. Our team has lead STEM based summer camps and robotics programs for grade school students. Our programs have aloud us to reach out to hundreds of students in our area to get them interested in STEM and robotics.

Our teams are run with as little cost to team members as possible. It is completely free to join our FRC team. We realize that not everyone can afford steep entrance fees for robotics programs, so we have never had them. Our FRC team is open to anyone who wants to come in, learn, and have fun.

We continue to strive to inspire students to learn about STEM. As we have all learned here on FRC team 6181, one person can make all the difference.

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