Making STEM Available to All

 As a team in a rural community spanning four counties, our resources are limited. Because of this, we make the most of what we have.  

In our community, we realize that not all student who want to participate can afford to join a robotics team. We want our FRC team available to all students who are interested in joining, and we don’t want any financial barriers to get in their way.  

Our team covers all costs for students on the team- including travel costs to events. All we ask from our students is that they actively participate on the team and meet an attendance requirement.  

We currently rely on corporate sponsorships to fuel our mission. We go out and put on presentations for local manufacturers. We talk to the parents of the students who attend our STEM camps and are interested in FIRST. We also reach out the local county economic development agencies to find other sources of funds.  

As our team grows in size, we need to find more sources of money to run our team. Currently, we are able to fundraise enough to cover the increase in size. In order to do this, we need to find more supporters.