Our Mission

 FRC team 6181 the Cryptic Cyborgs aims to develop technical and leadership skills in all students who come through the program. Students work alongside mentors from local industries to learn the skills needed for placement in the workforce.  

We acknowledge that not all students wish to attend the traditional 4-year college programs, and we work with them to develop a plan that best benefits them. With the help of our mentors, our students are advised as to their best options for the future. Many students choose to take classes through Northwest State Community College to work towards a Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program.  

Our team helps our students find jobs right out of high school. Our alumni who chose not to follow the traditional education path were able to go directly into the workforce where they receive on the job training and education and tuition assistance for Northwest State Community College through tuition reimbursement programs from their jobs.  

We realize that STEM has many forms, and there is a form for every student. Whether it be going through the traditional college plan or through an alternative plan, we make sure our students have options that are best for them.

We are fully For the Student and By the Student.