The Cryptic Cyborgs Thanks Our Wonderful Sponsors

Northwest State Community College

Northwest State also sponsors the robotics team.  They have provided mentors for our team, as well as hosting us for meeting and allowing the team to use equipment in the machine shop on campus.

The college was founded when the Ohio Board of Regents approved the formation of Four County Technical Institute in 1968. NSCC offers college classes as well as other activities, like College Credit Plus (CCP), or assistance, such as Financial Aid.

Wieland Chase

Weiland Chase has sponsored the FIRST Programs in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for 9 years.  They have sponsored the Northwest State Cryptic Cyborgs, Team 6181 for 5 years through funding and mentorship.

The company was founded in 1876 by Henry Sabin Chase, and has only grown and improved since then.  Chase Brass and Copper Company, located in Montpelier, OH, is a leading manufacturer of brass rod and ingot, as well as copper and engineered products.

North Star Blue Scope Steel

North Star Blue Scope has sponsored our team for the past three years. They provide us with invaluable mentors and provided funds to help maintain our team.

North Start is located in Delta Ohio and produce high quality steel for manufacturing, automotive, construction,  and agriculture.

Worthington Industries

Worthington sponsors the Cryptic Cyborgs by providing  funds for the team.

Worthington Industries was founded in 1955, in Columbus, Ohio, by John McConnell. The company is a steel processor and manufacturer of pressure cylinder, hand torches, refrigerant and industrial cylinders, camping cylinders, exploration, recovery and production products for global energy markets; scuba tanks, and compressed natural gas storage cylinders; custom-engineered open and enclosed cabs and operator stations for heavy mobile equipment; framing systems for mid-rise buildings; steel pallets and racks for shipping.


All of our In-Kind Sponsors